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Getting access to the internet in the Studentenwerk Bielefeld dormitories

(The following dormitories are equipped with Ethernet: Arndtstr. 12-18, Große-Kurfürsten-Str. 66-78, Stennerstraße 21-23, Jakob-Kaiser-Straße 14-16, Werther Strasse 148, Universitätsstraße 1-9 and 11-17, Morgenbreede 6, 10, 14, 15, 17-23 and 29-33) If you just want to setup your Windows/Mac OS X/Linux, there are guides provided by the Studentenwerk. Please contact the persons there for help. My homepage is about configuring a WLAN (Wifi) router, to get wireless acces to the dormitory network. A special authentication method (“802.1X”) is required, and normal Wifi devices do not provide that. To get that functionality you need a device that is supported by the open source software OpenWrt (think of it like a free mini-Linux for routers). There you can configure the needed authentication programs.

How to setup the device by your own

If you know what a command line is, and ssh, scp, ftp are not just letters to you, read the instructions here. The instructions are provided for free, but I’m not going to help you if you get stuck anywhere.

My services

I offer you my setup service and let me install my special software on your device for 30€*, if I support your device model. See the Hardware page for the list of supported models. Only the listed models are supported! So buy a listed router model first, then come to me.


Currently there are weekly sale events in the university. Please click on the calendar entry to see a description of the location.


Upcoming dates

Es gibt keine bevorstehenden Veranstaltungen.

Just come on one of the sale events and bring your user credentials (username and password from your university account) and money or Girocard/Credit card. If you have your own device, bring it with the power supply. If there is no date displayed above, please wait a few days for the next date, you probably just missed the last one. * All mentioned prices do not contain VAT according to § 19 Abs. 1 UStG.