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You want to have wifi in your dormitory** room, but do not know how? No problem! I’m offering you my services. It really is plug & play: get the installation from me, go home, plug the cables in and that’s it.

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  • You get my own OpenWrt “Wohnheimnetz-Edition” with 802.1X PEAP authentication over ethernet cable
  • Sticker on the router with all passwords, QR-Codes etc.
  • A Manual with instructions for all important functions
  • Support for the functionality of the router while in warranty (24 months). But no support for errors on your devices which are connected to the router.
  • Security updates for at least 3 years (if possible, updates for devices with 4MB memory may not be possible that long)
  • The software is OK with the rules from the Studierendenwerk

There are several possible ways to get my service, please select one possibility to see more.

Installation of your own wifi router

Step 1: Look at the Hardware page and buy a compatible device. If you already have a device, check the same list for compatibility.

Step 2: Call me to make an appointment.

Step 3: Come to the indicated adress on time.

Step 4: I will install my software on your device and explain how to plug it in at home. You will pay 30€* (Uni/FH/OSK) or 45€* (TH OWL)

Caution: I can only install the software on a compatible device from the list. No FritzBox, Speedport, etc.

What to bring along

  • Cash or Girocard
  • Your device including the power supply
  • A smartphone or tablet (or a laptop if you do not have anything else)
  • Uni/FH/OSK: Username and password from your university / Fachhochschule / OSK account. It is the same username and password you use in the euroam wifi.
  • TH OWL: You have to bring your personal certificate on a usb flashdrive and your password
    –> How to get the certificate! If you buy a device make sure to buy a TP-Link Archer model or the recommended GL.iNet device from my list. Also when you talk to me mention first that you are from TH OWL because I have to do some different things than for everyone else.


Am Feuerholz 45, Bielefeld.


Please call me to make an appointment.

Other services, repairs, hint for handicapped persons

  • Students with severe handicap get the on-site travel fee waived by me
  • Repair of the plastic tab on the cable so it locks and does not slide out (a problem often occuring on older cables): 1€*
  • Repair of the software outside the warranty: 5/10/15€* depending on the severity
  • Installation of the manufacturers software: 10€* (If you want to move out and take your device with you instead of selling it to someone else)

* Beträge enthalten nach § 19 Abs. 1 UStG keine Umsatzsteuer. (German legal hint)
**Bielefeld: Arndtstr. 12-18, Große-Kurfürsten-Str. 66-78, Stennerstraße 21-23, Storchsbrede 23+25, Jakob-Kaiser-Straße 14-16, Wertherstr. 148, Universitätsstraße 1-17, Morgenbreede 6-14, 15-17, 19-23 and 29-33
Worms: All dormitories that require 802.1X authentication.